Poole's Roofing and Repairs Inc. safety award.

FRSA-SIF Annual Safety Awards Recipient, Southwest Florida District

Mark Poole's experience, passion, and excellent work ethics are the driving force behind Poole's Roofing and Repairs Inc., Naples, outstanding reputation.

Mark is a second generation roofer and began his roofing career in his early teens while working for his father. He attributes his success in roofing to having his first child at a very early age, which made him determined to provide a high quality of life for his new born baby. After working hard for many years for his father and other local roofing companies, he started his own roofing business in 1999. Since then Poole's Roofing and Repairs Inc. has grown into one of the most elite roofing companies in Southwest Florida.

Mark's continued commitment and dedication towards workplace safety has made his company a success. Through his hard work and concern for workplace safety, Mark has established a means for the control and prevention of losses, giving him an outstanding loss history record that has earned him this esteemed award.

Florida Roofing Magazine

August 2016 Edition