About Us

Owners Mark and Elizabeth Poole
Beth and Mark Poole, Company Owners

Poole's Roofing is a husband-wife team with incredible experience. Mark Poole has been roofing in Naples for over thirty years. He spent the first few years of his roofing career at his dad's company. After he left his dads company he went to work with one of the larger roofing contractors. As time passed Mark climbed up the ladder and become the field supervisor in charge of roofing operations. For five years he personally oversaw the work of up to fifty roofers.

After twenty years of being the "go to guy", Mark set out to open his own company. In January 2000, Mark and his wife Beth opened Poole's Roofing and Repairs INC. Mark, accompanied by his one employee, works on every single roof. In addition, the vice-president Beth sets all appointments and runs the entire office. Poole's Roofing is a small company that offers you a licensed roofer with over thirty years of experience on your roof every single time! The owner will be the man bidding your roof, performing your job, answering all your questions, and holding the roofing license. With Poole's Roofing and Repairs INC you will get the owner of the company every step of the way!